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[写作] 2005年雅思A类作文题目汇总(上)

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Task1: A bar chart about net exporter/importer (food) of different
countries几个地区的food,纵坐标是value $××m,横坐标上面是food
exporter,下面是importer,没有时间,右边有两类地区的total population,数据比较简单
Task2: We can get knowledge from news, but some people think we can`t
trust the journalist, What do you think and What do u think is the
important qualities that a journalist should have?

Task1: 两个柱形图,marriage and divorce numbers and marital status of USA
from 1970 to 2000;
Task2: Some teachers say students should be organized into groups to
study. Others argue students should be made to study alone. What is
your opinion?

Task2: Recent figures of crimes committed by young people is
increasing in major cities throughout the world, Discuss what are the
possible reasons and how to solve it?

Task1: bar chart,1972 2002 2007 3年the number of student applications
in three UK UN.
Task2: Food can be produced much more cheaply today because of
improved fertilizers and better machinery. However, some of the
methods used to do this my be dangerous to human health and may have
negative effects on local communities. To what extent do you agree or

Task1: bar chart,关于澳大利亚男和女的支援者按年龄走的比例。纵坐标是百分比,横坐标是几组年龄。
Task2: Leisure is a growing industry. Nowadays, more modern technology
was used in entertainment. This may lead people to less creative. Do
you agree or disagree?

Task1: 讲的是一个问卷调查的结果,是关于一个新剧院的情况,然后是分了3个TABLE,第一个TABLE讲的是这些PERFORMANCE的质量如何,选项分别有EXCELLENT
Task2: People can perform everyday task, such as shopping and banking,
as well as business transactions, without meeting other people
face-to-face. what is the effects on both individuals or society?

Task2: Some people think that tourists should follow the local customs
and behavior, while others think that host country should welcome
culture differences. What is your oipinion.

Task1:line phones and mobile phones 两个柱图。四个国家和地区Norway, UK,
Task2:It is generally believed that education is of vital importance
in individual development and well-being of societies. What should

education consist of to fulfill both these functions?

Task1: 三个饼图(low-skilled intermediate-skilled
high-skilled),是2001年英国东南部的工人对训练的态度.每一个饼分为not useful quite useful
useful 和very useful四个部分.low-skilled 的工人认为training比较not
useful(38%),然后high-skilled的工人认为very useful的比例是55%...
Task2: Some people think the cultural traditions may be destroyed when
they are used as money-making attractions aimed to tourists. Others
believe in the only way it can be remained in the world. Discuss and
give your own opinion。

Task2: Pressure on the school and university students is increasing
and students are pushed to hard work when they are young. Do you think
it is a positive or negative developing?

Task1:关于household 的一个表格。分为六种household ,with one person, two people,
three。直到six or more,比较两年的。
Task2:In order to improve the quality of education, high school
students should be encouraged to evaluate and criticize their
teachers, but other think it will result in loss of respect and
discipline in classroom. Discuss both sides and give your own idea.

Task1: The chart below reveals the proportion of the women workforce
and the proportion of the women managers in five countries:
percentage of workforce percentage of managers
Australia: 42 43
Egypt: 20 12
Japan 41 12
Sri Lanka: 37 9
United States: 46 43
Task2: The advantages brought by the spread of English as " global
language" will outweigh the disadvantages. To what extant do you agree
or disagree ?

Task2:是说毕业生在进入大学前的一段时间travel 和 work 的优缺点对学习

Task1:The pie charts show how dangerous waste are dealt with in three countries
Task2:People are optimistic about 21st century. Many people think it
is a good opportunity to find positive change in future. how do you
think the optimism? What would you like to change in 21st century.

Task2:Nowadays, some university offer graduate students skills that
assist to find employment, but some people believe the main function
of university should be to access knowledge for its sake。What`s your

Task1:table 11-15岁,15-20,20-25岁的人,对各种不同节目喜欢程度,有cartoon, opera,
theatre, sports, news,××
Task2:Modern buildings has changing the appearance of cities and

towns,some people argue we should build all buildings in traditional
styles to protect the cultural identity,to what extent do you agree or

Task1: 曲线图. The graphs show the changes in the steel industry in UK
between the 1970 and 2000,有三条曲线:UK`s demand for steel, import, UK
production ,另一图是unemployment in UN between 1970-2000.在这两个曲线图中,the
production and the demand in UK.这个趋势很明显,长期向下的,其中有一些波动.这个两个趋势fairly
similar.然后是import and unemployment这两个都是increase gradually.要注意UK
production, demand and import的单位是million.
Task2: Sending criminals to prison is not an effective way. Education
and job training should be used instead. To what extend you agree or

Task1:线性图the trend of mobile phone used
people used mobile phone in different 5 regions 2002-2006年的预测(Asian
pacific--top at800million, east European ---2th at nearly780 users.
USA and Canada ---3th steady increase, west European---4th similar USA
and mid-east stable increase.)图表是graph 前二者远远居高。后者几乎都是平行线。
Task2:people think of that the news media have influence people`s
lives nowadays, it is a negative development to what extent do you
agree or disagree?

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